Possible to run ScummVM from Kodi?

Hi and thanks for osmc!

i recently switched all my Kodis from libreelec to osmc because of the more functional linux below. I spent some time to run ScummVM from libreelec using the retroarch plugins. It worked sometimes but terrible UI and didn’t feel nice (no mouse).

I did install the Kodi 18 testing build to one Kodi and managed to get a ScummVM menu item, but whenever i click it, i get the sad face. :frowning:

So, my question is, is it currently possible to run ScummVM with Kodi 18 or not yet? Maybe i missed a step or maybe it is not possible yet.

I own a large collection of ScummVM games, all the Humungous & Lucasarts stuff and would like to use them without the laptop connected to tv.

Thanks for any info


Some logs might give a clue as to the cause of the sad face.


Thanks, Sam.

I read it that it should be possible theoretically. I am abroad until saturday, i will build this kodi from scratch again. Will post logs from the latest stuff afterwards. Or maybe it works afterwards.


Here are the logs:


I used the latest build and followed the instrauctions to upgrade to Leia.

Thanks for any hint.