Possible to use an SD card as available zram on 4k+?

Don’t really care about the beating the SD card would take but can I add some more memory to my Vero 4k+ by utilizing the SD card port and making 100% of it available for zram? I’ve got a few fast cards laying around.

Yes, there is no reason why this would not be achievable.

I thought so. I’m using PlexKodiConnect and would like to solve some of the issues with the Vero hanging for sometimes minutes at a time. Not quite sure what it’s doing, it hated one of the widgets I choose. Now it totally just shut off, I’m guessing thermal overload. (Edit: was the tv, cec issue)

I definitely shouldn’t be running out of memory.
I never deviated from the stock PSU by the way.

Been seeing a ton of sad faces lately.


Used hissingsharks post from 2017 to build and compile. Added framelogic and amlogic to json file.

I wouldn’t recommend using ZRAM unless you are experiencing memory pressure and know what you are doing.

Have you got Hyperion working now?


I have a very old version of hissingsharks installer. I can’t even build from source, I had to use the old binary. Gives me hyperion classic control…hence the a/v sync issues I believe. Can’t have the hz set too low.

The entertainment-api does compile and I can use hyperion.ng but it too is outdated and the colors seem to be off. I get an amlogic error where it tries to use GE2D. I suspect it’s only using the framebuffer instead of amlogic and framebuffer. Can’t wait for an update and see that Hyperion on the OSMC App Store someday soon, I hope. Seems to be a pretty hot topic on this community.