Possibly stupid question, possibly wrong place for it. Sorry

I’m using OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3 with Emby add-on.

On Emby I have some home movies and some photos. The Movies and TV shows appear directly in the Movies and TV Menus for OSMC but to view home movies and photos I always have to go to add-ons, Emby, pick the folder and so on.

Is there a way to make these appear in the main menu as with TV and Movies?


For queries about addons you are much better served by the Kodi forum Kodi Community Forum - Add-on Support or by contacting the add-on developer directly.

Not 100% sure if I get you right, but if you are using OSMC skin take a look at
Settings>Interface>Skin>Configure Skin>Home>Customize Home menu

You’ve exactly got what I’m after.

I’m not using the OSMC skin but that gave me a clue where to look. I’ve removed a couple of items I don’t need, ‘Music Videos’ and ‘TV’ but I haven’t worked out how to add new items to the main menu.

I’ve loaded a ‘Library Node Editor’ which looks like it just might have what I need but the method isn’t obvious to me - yet.