Power off the tv and stop streaming

Hello everybody.

First of all, sorry for my bad English.

I read some topics here that it is not possible to switch on the Vero 4k via remote control. So I think I should use it 24/7. But then I run in different trouble with my tvheadend on my NAS. (Keeps NAS always on. With time-shift recording 24/7. …)

That’s what I want to have:

  • Vero runs 24/7.
  • Using the Home-Button on the Vero-remote-control to switch off the tv and to stop the streaming from my tvheadend.
  • Using the next time of the Home-Button switches on the tv and start the streaming as before.

Is it possible to run a script when using the Home-Button?
Is it possible to remember the state of the last run of the script?

It would be great if I could distinguish between short press and long press. (Long press for script, short press for normal action.)

Thanks in advance for each help!


I use the screensaver to stop playing and to shut the TV off (via HDMI-CEC). I have a shortcut on my homescreen to start screensaver, so this shuts TV off. Then to turn TV on, I push any button on the remote, which stops the screensaver and thus turns the TV back on. Not quite what you were looking for, but it’s something.

Which screensaver can do that?

Haven’t found a solution for that yet.

I use Sleepy Watchdog to stop playing. That addon also have an option, to "turn off tv - cec), but it’s not working here.

Any, it’s an option on the CEC menu in settings, something to effect of “turn off with screensaver” and then “turn on when screensaver stops”

But to answer your question, I use the black screensaver on most devices, and the logout screensaver on one of my devices.