Power on/off with suspend via HDMI CEC

Now that suspend is working again with the latest update, I’d like to set my Vero 4k+ to power off my TV/receiver when I suspend it. Everything is hooked up via HDMI and CEC is enabled on my receiver (Marantz) and TV (Samsung). If the Vero is suspended, the TV/receiver is off, and a I press any button on the Vero remote, everything turns on like it’s supposed to. However, when I suspend the Vero, it doesn’t do anything but suspend the Vero. TV and receiver stay on until I turn them off.

Anybody got any luck with getting this to work when suspending and not just resuming?

See [HOWTO] Vero 4K / 4K: Performing actions programatically on Standby and Wakeup. Needs a bit of manual work for now.

Thanks Sam! I’ll fool around with it a bit and let you know if I have any success.