Power options differences and uses

I just got my Vero 4K+ yesterday, and followed the setup instructions to the point where it says to plug in the power supply, and when I did I got a blank Orange screen. I waited about 15 minutes figuring that it might still be booting up for the first time and starting, but eventually unplugged the power supply, and then replugged it in and the operating system started up. I then realized that the Kodi skin as default was not what they say it should be, so I figured out how to change to the Kodi novice default skin, done, fixed. I have not had time to add files yet from my WD 4 TB HDD yet, but was able to play the 5.1 files on my external drive by accessing the drive via music folder after figuring out how to make the output 5.1. It worked fine for a few hours, and when I was no longer listening to the drive, I didn’t know if I should power it down, or off, or suspend, or hibernate, so I chose to suspend. It then seemed like it froze, and none of the buttons on the remote seemed to do anything. I thought maybe it’s updating its software, so I just turned off my AVR. This morning, the Kodi screen with the power options were still frozen. All I could do was unplug the power supply, and replug it, and Kodi came back up ok again. BTW, I did read that my drive needed its own power supply, so I’m using a USB powered hub for my external drive.

Am I doing something wrong? What is the differences between the power modes and what should I use if I am turning off my AVR and no longer listening to the player and not sure when I going to use it again? Id leaving it on all the time bad for it, or wear it out, and should be powered down? When should the red light be on on the front of the unit? The whole time I listened to my hard drive yesterday and currently today the red light is NOT on. Should it be?


This is very odd. Let’s keep an eye on this.

The default skin on boot is the OSMC skin, but you are prompted to choose which one during initial setup.

Thanks for confirming, that would be the first question.

The red light will be on when the device is booting or in standby or powered off.
In your situation, I’d use the Suspend feature. OSMC will spin your hard drive down after 15 minutes of inactivity. Power consumption isn’t significant (2W); so it shouldn’t make a big impact on your energy bills