Power problem after update

After installing last update Im having problems with power. The new thunderbolt icon appears all the time and my HDD start clicking.

Any solution?

Power your HDD with a powered hub.

I wasnt having this problem before the update

A) Successive updates of OSMC are not unlikely to demand more power as the system is optimized and more performance is milked out of the hardware. More CPU cycles requires more power.

B) Marginal power supplies are likely to be exposed when system performance increases along with increased demands for power.

C) Mechanical HDD’s should always be powered from a secondary power supply (powered hub) to avoid the Pi finding itself with a less than nominal supply of power.

D) While Rpi sales outlets may sell or recommend power supplies that they guarantee to provide sufficient power to a Pi, even the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s “Official” power supply makes no guarantee to support a Pi and a mechanical HDD.

Means the PSU was borderline

The last update is bullshit. No one of your reasons are valids. Nobody want to admit that something is wrong in the last update:

Your temper tantrum is bullshit. You are part of a very small subset that refuses to acknowledge that there could be anything wrong with their hardware. There are literally tens of thousands of OSMC users and you are just one of maybe 6 users total affected. Good luck.

This is a physical symptom of underpowered HDD.

You’ve been given a solution to your problem, so closing this thread as nothing further can come of this.