Power Supply burnt

Hi all,

This post is more a FYI than anything else, but last Friday, I started the installation of the last OSMC update while I was eating, then suddenly, I heard a bang.
Go back to my tv to find the Vero 4K being off.
I tried to take off power, then put it back, nothing, it won’t start.

Then, I remove the power supply to smell burnt components, I knew it was dead.
I opened the power supply to find this :

The power supply was 5 years old, but I do not keep it running 24/7, only when I turn on the TV, then shut off the Vero and cut the power from the socket.

I already purchased a replacement on the OSMC store (found the link in another post), so I’m waiting for it.

I just hope that the Vero itself is not burnt as well :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear this. It would be good to get this PSU back and take a look.

In the interim, you can power the device via USB.

Thanks for your feedback !

I didn’t knew it was possible to power it via USB, what are the power requirements ?
Same ? 5V, 2A ?
What USB port must be used ?


USB2 is always 5V. Nominal max current is 500mA which is enough to boot a vero if you’ve got nothing else hanging off it (except the remote dongle). You can use either port.

The large capacitor looks as though it’s ‘popped’ - a common issue with all equipment in the old days but thankfully rare today.