Power supply - iFi audio iPower

I would like to exchange power supply for my Vero 4k. Is iFi iPower (5V/2,5A) compatible with Vero?
My primary goal is to reduce electrical noise and feed my Vero with cleanest as possible energy for max quality. What are you thoughts about it?


If it’s 5V, 2A center positive, 5.5mm OD; 2.1mm ID – it will do the trick.


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I have replaced the power supply for the ifi one. Testing analogue audio output via amp there is a dramatic reduction on noise. With no audio playing and amp at full volume there is a lot of background noise with the standard power supply, using the ifi power supply it was almost totally removed.
I already had the ifi which I use for my allo boss DAC on my rpi4 for the same reason.