Power supply

I bought both my Vero 4k and Vero4k+ in 2018 and they have been great.

However the power supplies seem to be garbage. One failed last year and this week another has failed.
Did you guys have a bad batch in 2018 or something?


Power supplies degrade over time. Did you keep these devices on 24/7?

The PSU is the weakest component of the Vero 4K/4K+ and we definitely acknowledge that, but we are happy to accept its current replacement rate which is around 2 in 100 over a five year lifespan.

We are exploring new PSU options for our next device, but this is some time off, and changing PSU for this model has certification implications.

This exploration wasn’t related to defects, but rather to provide a universal PSU (switchable plugs) .If we can improve longevity in the process, then great.

hmm guess I am just unlucky then. I do keep them on all the time as advised.

Hoping you switch to USB C power supply for the next one. More likely to have a spare one of those.

We won’t have USB-C in the next revision, but it’s possible for the one after that.