Powered hub

Hi, can anyone confirm (or otherwise) whether the shop supplied powered hub would be suitable for an Internal 2.5" SSD connected via USB 3.0 to SATA 15 + 7 pin connector cable. I’m guessing it should but I couldn’t find any reference to the hub being used with an SSD. It’s not for direct use with my Vero but as a recorder for a Samsung tv which frequently fails to record straight to the SSD but has a much better record with a WD Elements running on its own supply, making me wonder if the SSD is too demanding for the USB output (although I’d imagined with it having no moving parts that it’s demands would be less). thanks.

I can’t imagine there should be any issue with that hub providing enough power as SSD normally have very low power demands. Be aware that it is possible your issue is not with the power. Some USB adapters don’t play well with some SSD drives and can be a bit flaky.

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Ah - didn’t know that! The pair were bought and only used for the one task - and seem to fail on around 40% of recordings so it may be worth trying them in other situations as well. Thanks for the advice.