Powering Vero by USB, + External no Hub

I received my Vero, and immediately started to tinker.

Box = Vero4K+
Kodi Version = 19.1
Kodi Skin = Arctic Horizon
Resolution = 3840x2160 @ 60.00Hz

TV = LG 4K (webOS6)
PowerSupply = Anker Elite w/ PowerIQ
External = LaCie portable SSD 2tb

So, the ports used on the Vero are both USBs and the HDMI. One USB is the adapter for the remote, and the other is a Y cable. The Y cable is connected to the LaCie external SSD, and a 6foot usb extension cable that is connected to the Anker block.

Initially, I had a LaCie HDD, and it occasionally stuttered on 4K content, and so I ordered an SSD. With an SSD I’ve had no stutters, and everything is more responsive. All 4K movies are around 25gb (x265/.m4v), and play flawlessly. My LG’s webOS has a temporary HDR indicator that appears in the top right when HDR content starts to play.

Anyway, I was pleased to find out I didn’t need the very short power supply that came with the Vero, and I could run an external without a hub.

Don’t do this – unless you know what you are doing.
You should power using the supplied power supply instead.


First and foremost, thank you for the 4K+, and for OSMC.

The Anker’s “powerIQ” technology should regulate the power. As for using a single USB port on the Vero for power and data? Time will tell.

Question though. When will a new Vero be released?
Preferably with 3 USB C types, and no DC.
Perhaps an Aluminum shell.
A Vero 4K Pro if you will. Obviously with a price increase, something I’m fine with.

We will only take 0.5A in downstream, which won’t be enough for the device, particularly if you have other peripherals attached.

We don’t comment on the release of future products – but don’t expect to see anything any time soon with semiconductor shortages. Our focus is on improving the Vero 4K / 4K+ experience for now.

We won’t do USB-C in the next model and I’m not sure there’s a benefit in doing so for some time. Even looking at other devices, they only use USB-C as a power delivery mechanism and not for peripheral connections – which is a tacit admission that it’s not really an issue.

I’m against this – because it means an unsightly external antenna.



Thanks for the replies. I disagree about USB C, but it is what it is.

Just so you know, I’ve been using this setup for a week now testing it before I said anything. It works great! I’m currently watching a 4K movie on the Vero4K+ using a single USB port for power and data using a Y cable.

What would you like USB-C ports on the Vero to do?
Simply provide connectivity to USB peripherals, or should we be able to provide larger amounts of power to attached peripherals as well?



Both. Everything.

USB-C is the future, if not the current. USB-A is the past, if not currently dying.

I’d much rather plug in an adapter to use old tech, then have to do so to use new tech.