PR:5747 add setting for hiding watched movies/episodes in recently added lists

Much like in Milhouse’s OE builds, the option to hide watched items from Confluence’s home widget would be nice to have. It seems that this PR has been abandoned however it may work fine until this option is included in the Confluence skin itself.

I can’t post links yet…



Thanks for this

I have added this on to my list and I’ll see if there’s any downside to adding this



I believe the downside is that this may not work with 3rd party skins if they are not using the builtin RecentlyAdded skin labels. The idea was to replace this PR by instead using smart playlists however not much progress has been made towards integrating this into the default Confluence skin.

It appears that is already include in popcornmix’s newclock 4&5 patches.

That means @gmc’s test builds will have it. We use popcornmix’s backports branch for stable OSMC, so I suspect that won’t be included.