Pre-configured widgets folder

I would like to set up a “In Progress Movies” widget on the home screen of my Vero 4K+ but when I go to Customize Main Menu/Manage widgets/Select widget/Videos/ there is no Pre-configured widget folder to locate said widget. Do I need to download some widget template or something? Thanks.

If your using the OSMC skin then…

customize main menu>(movies) manage widgets>select widget>videos>pre-configured widgets>movies>in progress movies>done

Is this path not available to you? I just tried it and didn’t find any issues.

Thanks for you response darwindesign. Yes I am using the OSMC skin and there is no pre-configured widgets folder. Under “Manage widgets” there is only the word “none”. When I press “Select widget” I get None, Video, Music, Pictures, Games , Add-ons, Additional widgets and Custom Item folders but that’s it. In the Additional widgets folder there is a Skin-helper script, Extended info script, Favourites, Weather forecast and My OSMC folders.

On that last picture where you have “none” highlighted, what happens when you click on “videos”?

I get Files item, Playlists item, Video Add-ons item, Playlist folder and Sources folder.

I get a different screen to you. This is the screen I get when I select the videos folder. Do I need to activate something in the settings to get pre-configured widgets to show up?

I’m not intimately familiar with this skin like @Chillbo but you might need some of the optional featured installed in it (although I really am not sure).

I’m using the default OMSC skin. What skin are you using?

That is the OSMC skin. I just changed the background to one I made myself. If you have the extras installed and it isn’t showing up then I’m sure Chillbo (who is the maintainer of the skin) will show up here with some idea’s why when he gets a chance.

OK thanks darwindesign for all your assistance. Like you I also have those skin settings installed so it must be something else. I’ll wait for Chillbo to advise the solution.

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Have you already scraped any videos to your movie or TV show library? The widget options you’re looking for will only show up, if there’s corresponding content in your library already. Same as the movies and TV shows entries in the home menu will only show up then.

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Hi Chillbo, no I have not “scraped” any videos. How do you do this?

This will get you going: Create Video Library - Official Kodi Wiki

Thanks Chillbo. From the link you posted the term “Scraping is the process of matching and downloading metadata and artwork, from online sites, for your movies and TV shows.”
Can’t I just create a stand alone library from only movies stored on a external hard drive? I am in a low bandwidth location and cannot stream videos from the internet

Creating a local library does not require high speed internet. It will scan your files and download artwork, descriptions, etc. Once done, all of that info is on your local system. It only needs to scan again if you add new content.
I also have horrible internet (HughesNet satellite and lately it’s rare to get better than 1M downloads) and have been using a local library for years.

OK thanks fellas, finally got it all working. I was having problems getting the movie files on my external hard drive to index into the library. Vero was playing the files OK but it would not create my library. Anyway long story short, the hard drive was formatted in NTFS. So I reformatted the hard drive to exfat on my Windows computer and all files indexed and the “Pre-configured widget” folder magically appeared. Sometimes the smallest thing can be the most frustrating.
Interestingly there is no mention of this being an issue in the scraping problems page on the kodi website.

Great to gear you got everything working! :slightly_smiling_face: