Pre-req before update to April version

Reading all the topics about the April upgrade, I want to prepare myself before upgrade my Vero4K+ running december edition.

I will create a manual backup via MyOSMC and save that.
I will remove that USB stick .
I will note down the add-ons I’ve installed (just 2 or 3) and be prepared for refreshing the repository under Settings → Add-ons
I must be prepared of a GUI setting not being the same as now (1080P60). (as mentioned in the release build)
I don’t use whitelisting for display modes, just
I use AUTOFS for my NFS shares
I didn’t add manually anything to display attributes
I use a Samsung Q9FN display
I use 7.1 passthrough
I use a gb-wiredLan with DHCP binding
I use a Denon Receiver
I use a Harmony Hub with Bluetooth connectivity (using the instruction here) to start Vero4k+ and put it into suspend mode.
I’m aware of the current suspend issue.
I use the movie db icon/movie info connector to browse to my folders and use local info for series.
All 4K HDR10 files are played correctly (LG: Chess HDR UHD 4K Demo | 4K Media) I didn’t set 422

So far normal things, but…

  • I use the Estuary skin, do i change that in advance to OSMC skin, will the current setting and folders be “migrated” to the OSMC skin or do I need to change them manually?
  • Is the Estuary skin also default in April version?
  • Do I have to check other parts to be sure that the upgrade will not disturb current setup incl 4K HDR10 files without setting 422?
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No need to change

It was never default on OSMC but it will be automatically be installed

No, unless you have manually configured any settings via rc.local.

great thanks, nothing was added to rc.local

Tonight I started the update, within 5 min system was complete reinstalled. Everything worked just as expected. Greatfull to @sam_nazarko and his team for this good work and great support.

As expected i needed to change the setting of the display after restart.

This was before i did the upgrade.

After the upgrade i noticed that screen resolution is default with full screen, instead of window which was my previous setting and then it was still shown as “full screen”. This offcourse is not a problem, easy to change. I set this to 1080p and 60 and then is was resolved.

After upgrade.

I tried to restore this to window. But now it became a window on my tv, which off course was not visable. The resolution was not saved and restored to undefined and needed to change it.

Perhaps the december version was not able to separate window or full screen (in my case then).

The first time suspend did not work. The second time it did.

So for me a perfect upgrade.

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