Pre-setup Raspberry Pi 3 B+ questions

So I’ve been following this project off and on for a few years and use to have previously played around with OSMC and other distros on an older Raspberry Pi (I think it was the original Model B). Anyways last night I pulled the trigger and ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as well as a SuperPi case.

My plan is to turn in into primary a media centre/server, and retro gaming being an bonus. Before my new Pi arrives, just want to make sure I have a plan of action for setting it up.

  1. What is the best way of setting up a VPN client on OSMC? I’ve seen both Zomboided, ConnMan, and Brian Hornsby mentioned on here. Which is the best?

  2. What is the best way of integrating retro gaming to OSMC? Is it still retrosmc, waiting for Kodi 18.1, or something else I’ve missed from the forum?

  3. If setting up an external HDD, is the Raspberry Pi powerful enough to power it? Or should I get a powered Hub?

  4. Is Plex worthwhile setting up? Will say an android device or PS4 with the Plex app be able to connect to the Pi’s Plex server (related to #3 above)?
    Figured out how to install Plex and Add-on, and added it to home screen.

  5. Is @seamonkey420’s guide at Getting Safe Shutdown/Reset working in OSMC for the newest NESPi Case+ w/safe shutdown modules the most up-to-date script for getting the power/reset buttons to work on the NESPi case (and other RetroFlag cases)? I saw some mention issues with fans not stopping on shutdown.
    Found a different script and modified it to add support for OSMC.

Sorry for the long post with many questions. Any and all help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Connman as of today is not 100% working so one of the others is better choice

Would not bother about retroosmc, just wait the couple of days for Leia. Unless this is a major topic for you as currently on Leia only a subset of emulators are working

Powered hub is always recommended especially if it is HDD and not SSD. Also ensure you have a proper powersupply for the Pi

Is one of them better then the other or have some advantage over the other?

Honestly the gaming part of it was an after thought, not even really a requirement for me. So if Kodi 18 is good enough to to get it going a bit, fine with me.

Noted, I figured but thought I may as well ask.