Preseeding WIFI settings

I’m having issues setting up my Raspberry pi zero 2 W with OSMC.
I don’t have an LAN connection and no dongle. And I would like to install OSMC with preseed settings so i can connect my “mobile” remote, since i also don’t have a remote.
All is fine until i reach the screen where i have to select the language, does the preseed already takes the configuration part there? Or only after i pass those screens?

It should run before Kodi loads on first boot.

There have been some issues with pre-seeding in the past but I believe they’ve been largely ironed out.

Are you able to connect to WiFi at all with a keyboard attached?


That’s the issue, the zero w has only micro usb ports. And i don’t have an adapter to connect normal usb keyboard.
Maybe it’s better to buy a adapter and skip this issue?

I’d like to improve any issues for users in the future.


Is using a TV’s remote via CEC not an option, at least to get past initial setup?

Does this also work with a micro HDMI → HDMI adapter? I’m unaware of this, i only know that since HDMI 1.3 it’s supported.

It should. I would note that adapters tend to be much less reliable generally speaking than using a proper micro HDMI to HDMI cable.