Preserve audio format when video is paused

I wouldn’t be surprised if this required a change to Kodi, but figure there’s no harm in checking…

If my Vero 4K+ is using audio passthrough then, when the video is paused, the output format changes. For example, if it’s passing through 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus, and I pause the video, the audio output signal switches to stereo PCM; when I start the video playing again, it switches back to DD+ 5.1. The result of that is that when the video starts playing again after a pause, it takes a second or two for my AVR to lock onto the audio signal again, meaning I get a second or two of video without audio.

So, what I’m asking for is for Kodi to output silence in the same format as the audio format of the video while the video is paused, so that the AVR perceives the audio as being uninterrupted.

This isn’t trivial.

It would require Kodi to have knowledge of a lot of audio formats, to generate a tolerated audio track and to stream it during silence.

Totally understand why this would be helpful but it would require all audio to be passed through a multiplexer in software or hardware. And even my blu ray player doesn’t do this. Some AVR lock quicker than others, too. My main one locks within a tenth or so, the one in the other room takes a second sometimes.