Prevent HDMI CEC commands to turn on TV when music albums are selected

I don’t think this is the correct place for this question but wanted to hear your thoughts. I have posted in the KODI forms. HDMI CEC through Raspberry Pi 3 with music selections

My Raspberry Pi 3 has OSMC installed and is connected to both an LG TV and an external amplifier. Anytime, a new source is played, the HDMI CEC will send a command to turn on the TV and select the proper HDMI source. That works great. However, I want to prevent the LG TV from turning on when an audio album is selected as it will play over the external amplifier. Is there something I can modify to accomplish this or do I need to wait for Kodi devs to implement the feature?


Just an idea: You can try to activate the screensaver (perhaps DIM+ 1 min) and bind specific CEC activities with the screensaver at settings → system → input → peripherals → CEC

The screensaver only works correct if settings → player → videos → sync playback to display is deactivated.

Is CEC Adapter an add-on? I’m pretty new to all of this but would like to have my tv turn off if im not watching any content on the Vero.