Prevent Vero 4K+ wake up TV after electricity shutdown


After a power outage, when the light comes back, Vero 4K+ restarts, which maybe could be the desired behaviour, but it wakes up the TV also, which is not so desired, specially if you have a OLED TV, because the UI will remain on the screen a couple of hours or more, set screensavers of shorter auto-off times for the TV looks like workarounds for the problem to me, so, is there a way to tell Verok 4K+ to not wake up the TV?


It depends, as it may not be CEC turning on your TV, but instead your TV detecting a signal via HDMI


Yesterday I was playing with the options of the CEC driver, and there is one that specifically refers to wake up TV when Vero boots, but I can’t test any further. I will update once I confirm it works.