Prevent wpa_supplicant from starting after boot


I have no use for WiFi on the Pi at the moment. I’d like to disable the wpa_supplicant and prevent it from starting after boot. But I’d like to be able to re-enable it in the future if needed. What is the clean/official way of doing it? i.e.
disable wpa_supplicant and prevent it from auto-starting after boot.

service wpa_supplicant stop

will kill the process but it will come back after reboot.

Thank you

The command you ran will only stop a service from running now, it won’t disable it from starting on boot. Also the ‘service’ command is deprecated, you should be using systemctl as OSMC uses systemd init.

Normally you can disable a service however because that service is “DBus activated” (it is launched automatically when another DBus client tries to talk to it) the only way to stop it running at all is to “mask” it:

sudo systemctl mask wpa_supplicant.service

I really don’t see the point of doing so though - it uses less than 1MB of memory and uses no CPU time when it has nothing to do, so you wont see any tangible benefit from disabling it.