Price & Delivery

On the Vero 4k+ product page, it says the 107 pound price ends soon. But if I add the device to my cart, it shows as 119. Is the sale over?

Also, how quick should I expect it to arrive shipping to Michigan in the USA, 48167 zip code.



I apologise for the late reply.

Thanks for your interest in the Vero 4K +.
There was a Black Friday sale last week; but it has indeed ended. I understand that you may have seen this sale price.

As a one off exception, I’ll honour that price. You can contact with your delivery address and we will create an invoice which you can view and pay.

Delivery to the US is about 5-7 days currently. The deliveries seem to be delayed by a couple of days, which I suspect is because of the build-up to Christmas.

Please let me know if you have any further questions