Problem accessing files (MAC) to RP2

Hello everyone,

I’m new in the RP2/osmc community and i have some kind of a problem : i’m not able to access any of my shared folders (videos,music etc.) stored on my mac - yosemite OS - from my newly bought Raspberry Pi 2.

My mac is connected to the internet by WiFi (provided by my internet box) and my RP directly on my box with ethernet.

I’ve tried searching them with NFS protocol. Some of the shared folders appears - only those stored directly on my mac, and not my external HDD connected to it - but OSMC doesn’t recognize any of the files in them (it looks as if they’re empty).

Then, I tried using smb and it was worse. OSMC recognizes my mac (on the “workgroup”) but when i trie to enter into it, OSMC gives me this error message “operation not permitted”.

Do you have any ideas where the problem can be ?

Thank you for your answer and sorry for my English…but i’m French :wink:

Are the SMB shares on your Mac password protected? Is your Mac set up to export the folders from the Ext. HDD with NFS?

When exporting a folder you want to work well with Kodi, try using insecure flag.



Kodi can have a lot of problems with NFS shares if that flag is not used when exporting them.

It seems that SMB shares on my Mac are password protected, but i’m not that sure. In “system preferences” it is written something about it but i don’t even know where or how i can change that. I can activate or disactivate SMB shares for my mac or a specific profil but that’s all.

Concerning NFS shares, again, i don’t know how i can set up my Mac to export folders with NFS from my HDD. The thing is that, as i said in my previous post, i can only access ton the folders on my mac with NFS (i mean, not on my HDD but directly on my Mac) but OSMC doesn’t recognize any files in them anyway.

Finally, i don’t really understand what you mean with your example for “using insecure flag”. Is that the path i must insert in OSMC, when i’m trying to search a folder ?

Sorry to be so “stupid” (the word is not well chosen but i can’t find another), and thanks again for the past and future replies.

On a Mac it’s best to put all your Media files within your user home directory.

For example the user that I use on my Mac (which also runs kodi as well as being a file server) is called admin, and I have all my Movies/TV Shows under the Movies folder. So my Pi connects to:


The username and password are the same username and password you log into that user account on that Mac with. (Yes all read/write shares are password protected on a Mac - there is a Public folder but you can’t write to that from the Pi)

All right everyone, things are going a bit better !

I finally manage to access videos on my mac using NFS share and DBMandrake’s tips of using user home directory.

The problem remains concerning my external HDD’s files…

Thanks DBMandrake anyway :wink:

Try to install the samba (smb) server from the osmc app store and then check on your mac user settings if the option to let guest see your shared folders is enabled.
For me is working and I can see any files from my HD connected to my Mac.

Samba in the app store is a server, it shares files on the Pi to other computers. It is not needed for Kodi on the Pi to connect to a Share on another PC/Mac.