Problem After Latest Update (Buster)

Hi, Having a problem problem with two Pi3B+ devices after the latest update. Devices work after a fashion, but dog slow to respond to any command. Content plays from NAS but slow to start and then video lags sound and takes best part of a minute to catch-up. Live TV slow to start/switch chanel, but otherwise ok.

Both devices appeared to install the update and re-start ok. Some time later a message was displayed on screen saying that there was a problem with the update and that it should be reported to OSMC.

Standard install on SD card via Noobs with parallel install of Raspbian. Kept up to date. OSMC skin. Addons BBC iPlayer and Youtube (my own keys cut). Media stored on NAS and accessed via NFS. Both have Logitech K400plus wireless keyboards. One has the OSMC TV stick plugged in and serves other clients on the home network via TVheadend.

Debug log is here…

Any assistance greatly appreciated.



Nothing stands out, except that in the Kodi logs, where you see a message like “Loading skin file… KEEP_IN_MEMORY” there is often, though not always, a hang of either 10 or 20 seconds. This might be perfectly normal, or might be be some kind of wait for a resource on the device. Right now, it’s difficult to say whether it’s significant.

I’ll keep a look out for further reports and may try a clean install in a week or two if any other fixes come into play.

Reporting back that this was not an issue with the Buster update.
The real fault was with my old ASUS router that happened to fail at the same time!
What confused the issue was that WiFi continued to work fine, but the ethernet, to which the Raspberry Pis were connected, was only able to see devices with fixed IP addresses and traffic was very slow. New router installed, normal service has been resumed.

I don’t know why this type of network fault should have made the pi run so slow, but just glad it is sorted and not an OSMC problem.