Problem icon notifications Info/Warning/Error?


I already posted before, but you did not understand or I was not accurate.

I have problems with the icon, Info, Warning and Error. It does not appear. I have this icon, DefaultFile.png, only.

Thanks !

Nobody ?

I can only find one thread of yours here, and this doesn’t mention the icon.
is it in another thread?

Why send me to this position ? I do not understand.

Please, nobody ?

Perhaps nobody else has the same problem as you, or if they do have the same problem they haven’t noticed, or it doesn’t bother them enough to report it ?

Have you checked the Kodi forums over at ? This is almost certainly a generic Kodi issue not something specific to OSMC, so you may get more responses there.

I have not solved my problem !

Did you seek resolution from Kodi forums?

Yes, but I have no more response.