Problem in switching back on my raspberry pi3 with osmc latest version

I got my pi3 last day. I installed osmc last version on it and every time I switch it off I couldn’t switch it back on and had to reinstall the osmc image again. Plz help

Well what happens when you switch it on again? And how are you switching it off?

I switched off using the osmc power off option but then when I try to switch it back on The red and the green led is flashing but the monitor which I connected with hdmi is showing ‘no signal’

Then I would suggest you try to access it via ssh to check what’s going on

What happens if you turn off the power (unplug) the RPi … and then turn it on again?

Why is my pi3 taking atleast about 10min of blank image showing no signal in the monitor and then booting up slowly

@paulwebster. Its is not booting up if i once turn it off.