Problem installing OSMC on Pi3 (crashing)


I am new to this forum.

Just bought the new Raspberry Pi3 and having problems installing the new OSMC update (2016.02-3) via OSMC-Installer, using a 16GB ScanDisk Ultra MicroSD.

Everything installs as it should…but the Pi keeps crashing once loaded, i.e when performing Manual Update, or installing/running addons, is this a know issue?

Crash Logs when trying manual update via ‘My OSMC’:

Crash logs when trying to open an addon:

Updated my own post with logs.


First thing I’d try is a different power supply,

My Pi3 now seems to be running without crashing, however manual update failed with an unhappy face (but its running OK).

Only difference is indeed the power supply so it must have been what was causing the crash. Strange as I powered the Pi3 string from the TV (both are Samsung TV’s).

Powering your pi from your TV is never recommended as it is often problematic as there is no standard re: amount of power provided by a TV’s USB connection.

Will keep that in mind.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I was on my way writing about the very same problem when the info pop-up informed me that there seemed to be a similar question already. Hurrah for the ‘AI’ of this forum, perfect for us ‘bad at searching’ people.

The answer not to use the TV as power supply worked like a charm: it has not crashed since. Kudos!