Problem installing Pi1 image onto Samsung EVO

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong as I successfully imaged a LIveCD onto a usb stick the same way, 64G not supported ??

Samsung EVOplus 64Gb microSD

The MD5 was correct so gzip -d
sudo su
dd bs=4M if=OSMC_TGT_rbp1_20160130.img | pv | dd of=/dev/sdc1

and I cant mount it, gparted is saying File System “unknown” and reporting the full size ??

You should really use the installer.

I’m happily running osmc from a 64 GB Evo+ card.

LoL thanks mcobit I’ve never tried that.

Little problems installer

  1. Didn’t see the image with the correct MD5 on my PC
  2. at the end reports
    “Could not mount device /dev/sdd1. Check the log for error messages. OSMC must exit now.”
    But does have the 250.9Mb partition with files.

From the log
Mon Feb 8 22:11:33 2016 Image successfully written to device

Mon Feb 8 22:11:35 2016 Mounting /dev/sdd1 to /tmp/osmc_mnt
Mon Feb 8 22:11:35 2016 Could not mount filesystem!

Why is it doing this ??

Will test it in ZERO tomorrow.

Did you download the image through the installer?

Did you actually try to boot the card in the raspberry?

What system are you on?

@sam_nazarko Maybe there is some temporary problem with the mirror…

The mirrors seem fine, or we would see more than this single report

What SD card reader are you using to write the card ?

A 64GB Evo card is an SDXC card - this cannot be used in an older SD card reader/slot that is only SDHC compatible. Many older laptops and older SD card readers are only SDHC and therefore not SDXC compatible - so if the reader does not specifically say it is SDXC compatible this is your problem.

When I got a 64GB Samsung Evo card I had to buy a new USB SDXC compatible reader to be able to write to the card as neither the slot in my laptop nor the older USB reader I had was compatible.

You will see a drive that appears to be only 1MB and cannot be written to on an incompatible reader.

Cards between 2GB and 32GB are SDHC, sizes 64GB and above are SDXC.