Problem Installing Python Crypto Module Dependency For Netflix Add On


I can’t use the netflix add on by CastagnaIT due to a missing Python Crypto Module in OSMC. I have tried testing a few solutions that I have searched for, but I get errors in the command line. I have installed pip3. I need the correct command line instructions to install the required dependencies to get Netflix to work. I got the latest version of OSMC 19.4.


Since you are referring to latest version of OSMC, I’m guessing you are using the new september release. Then this should solve your problem, in console (ssh):

sudo apt-get install python3-cryptography

Hi Joakim,

The cryptography module did install successfully, however after doing a reboot, the netflix background service still does not startup. Am I missing another step?

I seem to have figured out the problem after doing some research. Firstly I followed this solution python - Failed installing pycrypto with pip - Stack Overflow

Afterwards I installed the following modules using pip or pip3:-


The netflix background service starts and I can finally use the add on.

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