problem of characters in azerty on osmc

Hello everyone,
I just installed osmc on my rpi 3 to make it a media center, so far so good.
As many I realized that to type lines in the terminal I was not in azerty so I made the necessary with this link Passer en clavier français (AZERTY) sur OSMC … is-azerty /
And then, the automation of the azerty keyboard at each reboot of the system to have more surprises with the subject … no / 7562/2
With all this I am paret. My concern is that when it is in azerty or even qwerty, my letters are in the right place but not my characters and even I miss it which is a real problem when you miss the slash or the point, to search for files or to create it becomes very complicated. I have searched but no discussion tackles is problem, to believe I am the only one (I do not think). I thought it was because of my keyboard but even when I connect to ssh via my phone it does not work either.
I log in ssh via VNC from my rpi on my pc.
If anyone has a solution? Thanks in advance wink :slight_smile:
thank you in advance

Try sudo loadkeys fr-x11. That seems to match the layout for French AZERTY on Google.

If you only need this for Kodi, it’s fixed in the next version.

Command line is trickier but most people just use SSH.


Thank you i wait this with pleasure. Actuatly i don t change my files in command line, it s a very big problem.