Problem opening movie file

With a couple of movies, I have trouble playing/opening them in Kodi. When I press play nothing happens. It seems that in the log the error message ‘ERROR: Open - failed to open source appears’. I’ve pasted the log in

I thought it was a network related issue, but I’m able to access the file on my NAS from my Imac and play it with a VLC player without an issue.

That’s not a full debug log, so no real interesting info is included in it.

Some things to try:

Copy the file to the Vero and play it. That will help see if it’s network or the file.

Media info on the file.

Full debug logs.

Try disabling HW acceleration or try remuxing the file using mkvtoolnix or look for a different file with the same content.

I play a lot of stuff on my vero’s and if it’s a problem with a specific file it’s never the veros fault but always sloppy encoding or funky settings from the encoders. Finding same content encoded by a different guy pretty much always fixes stuff for me.

I had a quick look at the debug look and it was permission related. The error stated was " error : ‘open call failed with “NFS: ACCESS denied. Required access r–. Allowed access —”’
". I opened up the permissions to other users. For some reason the cinemauser that I thought Kodi was using did not seem enough. I added admin, guest, administrators and a plex user with read and write which did seem to do the trick.