Problem playing m2ts 1080/50p

When playing *.m2ts 1080/50p videos recorded with Panasonic HC-V720 camera, after a while sound is getting late and delay is becoming bigger and bigger.

During playback, none of the CPU cores is above 15-20 %, but if I press option key, I can see error:11000% (yes tens of thousands of percent) on last line.

In log there are different errors, from timeout waiting for buffer to OutputPacket duplicate 3 packets of duration 32, which can be seen in the log:

log with debug on:

I believe that RPI2 is powerful/ enough to play m2ts with no problems.
Can someone tell me what can be wrong?

Do you have the mpeg2 codec license installed ?

If so, have you tried enabling omxplayer ?

No, I don’t have mpeg2 codec license installed.

1080p50 mpeg2 is probably too taxing for the CPU to software decode even on a Pi 2 - so you almost certainly need the mpeg2 codec license, which will allow it to be hardware decoded.

Is it possible to try before buy the license?

As I can see, during playback cpu cores are under 20%.

No there is no way to trial the hardware codecs.

They come from the Raspberry Pi foundation, not from us.

If you think the Pi 2 CPU is fast enough to software decode 1080p50 then good luck with that. :wink:

I can confirm the problem with mjpg video as well.
Video is of resolution 320x240.

This type of video starts with voices that sound like we all inhaled helium, than after few seconds the sound normalizes but with delay.