Problem resuming since 19.4/March update

Updated yesterday and since then I seem to have a problem resuming the film I was watching previously. Get a green screen following a bit of flashing then kodi seems to freeze (remote unresponsive) though I can still SSH in.

Logs via grab-logs -A:

File is an HD bluray sourced MKV with nothing unusual about it as far as I can tell. If I restart the movie from the beginning it seems to play through fine. I can also stop and resume both before and after the section that consistently seems to give a green screen, though the problem section at around 21 minutes seems consistent.

Help please Sam.

False alarm. Plugged in my spare v4K which still had December/19.3 and that does the same thing more or less, so must be the file somehow. Never ecountered a file that does this before!

Can you reproduce this with any other files, or just this one?

I’ve never ever seen it happen before, so I’d have to say no it’s just this one. I have a windows 10 PC with Kodi 19.4 and that can resume to the point that gives a green screen on the Vero 4K+ which doesn’t say much probably other than the file not being totally gash.

I’m serving the same files off a NAS via SAMBA on windows and NFS on the Vero.

Let’s keep an eye on it then.

I’ve remultiplexed the file using MKVToolNix as it seems to have shrunken by about 16KB and now seems to resume OK to the problem area. Original file was straight out of Makemkv v1.15.1, which is a bit distressing but there you go.