Problem to play some MKV, Frame lag

Hi All!

im using 3 raspberry pi v2 mobel b with osmc. hard wired to lan.

it’s play almost everyting ( multiple MKV or Blue Ray iso over 50go!! hosted on a server on the lan) seriously for a tiny board it’s pretty insane!

but some (rare) MKV files was laggy.

what i do:

1- start the playback, (start like every other file, no glitch ou special anything)

2- sound was OK as usual ( no glitch or lag)

3- get the video/picture, but it’s like some frame is discarded. audio and video still in total Sync! instead of having 30fps it’s like having 15 but perfectly in sync. like every X ms they drop a frame.

is a not supported codec? or need to much power to render?

i can upload somewhere the entiere file if needed, something like mega will do the job!

MediaInfo text of this MKV file:

Thanks alot for your help :slight_smile:


Do you get the same issue, if you play the laggy mkvs locally on a usb stick?

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom for your Fast help!

so, you get’s a simple but logical idea :stuck_out_tongue:

i juste copied the file to a 500go 3.5 hdd ( powered by it’s own 12v psu)

still get the exactly frame lag / drop. samething like lan playback.

BUT, i see something, i let the movie play and i see the CPU Usage CPU0 : 100% but CPU1-3 was not over 10-12%Max…

it’s possible that the rendering was juste on 1 core and this cause lag / frame drop?

Thanks again Tom!

Have you enabled the VC-1 licence on the Pi? This will enable the Pi to decode VC-1 video in hardware.



What are your hardware accelerations options set to?

Thanks Tom.

As @dillthedog wrote to play a HD VC-1 file you need to purchase the VC-1 codex from Pi foundation

Use Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (or other video converter) transcode file to h.264 mp4 for Raspberry Pi Smoothly playback via USB.

ooo thanks!

i juste have 1 or 2 vc-1 media so i will convert it to h.264 thanks :slight_smile: