Problem while playing custom font captions

First, hello.
I am having problem with the subtitles in ASS. While I’m watching anime with separate caption, it does not play with custom fonts. Even though they are all inside the /home/osmc/.kodi/media/Fonts folder

How can I solve this problem?

First, go to Settings->Player Settings->Language and in the “Subtitles” section, make sure that “Override ASS/SSA subtitle fonts” is not checked.

Then, click on “Font to use for text subtitles” and look at all the font files available.

Next, verify that in the ASS file (or ASS subtitle track embedded in the media file), the font name on the “Style” line matches the file name that you saw in the previous step. Kodi doesn’t seem to match by actual font names inside the font file, instead using the file name. Also, it might even be case sensitive.

I do not think that’s the case. I used LibreELEC and put the fonts in the same way as in the OSMC. It worked perfectly in LibreELEC. In OSMC I have to create an MKV with the legend and embedded fonts.

What device and version of LE?

I use Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and the LE is the test versions.

If test version means >=v18; it may already be fixed.

Exact. It’s version 18.
I put the sources in /home/osmc/.kodi/media/Fonts and nothing works.

Are you using Kodi v18 on OSMC?


The logs might show if there are attempts to load the fonts.

How do I generate a log with this type of information?

Here is the log:

CDVDSubtitlesLibass: [ass] Using font provider fontconfig
CDVDSubtitlesLibass: [ass] fontselect: (Trebuchet MS, 700, 0) -> /usr/share/fonts/truetype/dejavu/DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf, 0, DejaVuSans-Bold

These two lines show that the ASS subtitle library is using fontconfig, which generally doesn’t know anything about fonts in Kodi directories. As you can see, it’s looking in a system directory.

Regardless, the ASS file wants Trebuchet MS. Is that font file anywhere on your system? If so, try putting it in the /usr/share/fonts directory and rebooting.

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Got it. I can not do that now. I’m just going to be home on Monday. As soon as I test, I notice it here.

By adding the fonts in the folder you indicated to me, everything went well.