Problem wit autoupdate od add-on

Sinse some time It seams that add-on dos not update for me. I get what I see all the OSMC updates but I don’t get what I know any add.on updates.
For exaples I have SVTPlay 4.0.21 on my system but when I search on the github and on I got that 4.0.26 is the latest version. It dose not seams to be visable for my system in any way. It have been update without any problem earier what I know.

If you go to the kodi repository and press “c” then chose update is it visible then?

Try Retrospect repo: There you have Svt, Tv3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and it autoupdates.

No it stil says 4.0.21 in the pi !

I have Retrospect 4.0.0 installed also but the main problem is that it seams that other plugin in repositorys dose not update.
I dont know when Retrospect did the last update but I know other plugin that have updates that the pi dose not seams to see. I dont know but it seams like that the repositort link for the kodi repository is looking on a old Place thet is no longer updating the add-on.
The Kondy Add-on repository I have installed now is 2.4.9 but I don-t know how to check if the search way is correct to the repository.

If you use rieter.xot.repository-1.0.5 you sholud have the newest version which i think is 4.1.1

my SVT Play is up2date at 4.0.27

you can always grab it from there or do a manual check for updates on the kodi repo just right click on the kodi repository and choose check for updates

Yes I see it in a webbrowser but I don’t see the update from inside Kodi!
And It would not auto update. This was the mn Issu in this case!
I know that it is possible to update by downloding the zip file and manualy update but that is not the problem!
The problem is that the autoupdate os add-on dose not sems to work because it dose not see the latest updates.
This is the issue I wan’t to have som help to find a solution to!