Problem with 10bit hdr on Vero 4k+

took delivery and set up my Vero last night but having a problem.
when I check the info of the movie playing it only shows as 8 bits and not 10 bit hdr
Vero 4k+ going into Sony AVR str-DN 1080 and then into LG C8 oled tv

attached my log, hopefully, something there can help



Where are you checking this?


You will have a better experience setting the GUI to 1080p and turning on Adjust Refresh Rate (ie to On Start/Stop) in Settings->Player.

pressed the button on the remote that looks like 3 lines, gave me an info panel and saw 8bits. All I had to go on.

Are you sure that’s not Audio info? As far as I know in-depth video info isn’t showing there

Just change the display to 1080?

I think you may be right, never noticed it was on the audio line. Anyway to check? with kodi on the pc I think I could press ctrl+J to get stats up but that was running madvr i think.

Settings->System->Display set to 1080p.
Settings->Player->Adjust display refresh rate set to On Start/Stop

Not through the GUI, unfortunately. If you don’t see banding on HDR material, you must be in 10 bits.

Thanks, what improvement do these setting give?

1080p is the resolution the GUI is written at, so using Vero to stretch it to 4k wastes time (CPU cycles) for no real benefit.

Adjust refresh rate allows Kodi to send video at a higher resolution than the GUI when the source is a higher resolution.

Ah, thanks, makes sense.

Yep – that’d have been audio.

That’s correct. That’s about audio - which is also stated in front of that line of information. There’s only decoder, resolution, pixel ratio and aspect ratio output for video in that window IIRC.