Problem with DVD device

I recently discovered that my Vero has ceased to play DVDs from a Samsung SE-SE208 plugged in via USB hub. To put it in perspective, I noted a while back that it played the same DVDs on the same device configuration at OSMC RC2 stage.
Yesterday I did a clean install of 2015.06-1, which failed in this respect, and then updated it to 2015.07-1.
here are the complete debug logs for a session showing the attempt to play 2 different DVDs
first: Zeffirelli Romeo and Juliet - shows circling dots, and then nothing further
second: Hitchcok’s 39 steps - plays advertisers ads, and then stops with a static display before getting into the film.

Other media play successfully in various formats, which suggest it may be device particular.
However, bear in mind that the selfsame DVDs and device are successfull when used with PiB+ or Pi2, each loaded with the 2015.07-1 for the appropriate hardware. In these cases the device is plugged in directly to a Pi USB port, and the max_current_usb is set.

We are looking at this now – as you probably know :slight_smile:

I will update this post when we have news


Much appreciated.