Problem with external hard drives

Hello, I have a Vero 4K+ and would like to connect 2 external hard drives (1x 2.5 USB 3.2 Gen 2 and 1x 2.5 USB 3.0) via the OSMC USB hub. The hard drives work individually without any problems. However, it is not possible to connect the hard drives at the same time. The hard drives are not recognized and make strange noises. Could the power supply be the problem? Could a USB HUB 3.2 Gen 2 help?

Thanks in advance.

Is there a power supply connected to the hub? If the hub isn’t supplying power the Vero isn’t going going to be able to power a hub and what I assume are two bus powered hard drives at the same time.

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USB 3.X drives can draw up to 900 mA of power. If this is the current OSMC hub with a 2A power supply, it should be just enough.

Yes, the USB hub is supplied with electricity via a power supply.

Yes, it is the current OSMC Hub with a 2A power supply. Then what could be the problem?

I think it is a strong possibility that the power supply stopped working for the hub. I take it the “strange noises” are the drives starting to spin up but then stop and then the heads park when the voltage drops. A bit of a buzz click is a typical sign of being underpowered.