Problem with kernel 4.4.29 dvb-usb-dibusb-mc-common module


I recently reinstalled my OSMC due to an SDCard corruption issue. Taking that opportunity to run a fresh new OSMC, I installed the latest 2017.06 version.

I was surprised to see that my DVB-T adapter (AVerTV a800) was unable to load with that version (module load failed with error: dvb_usb_dibusb_mc_common: Unknown symbol __symbol_get (err 0)).

After some researches, I found that the issue in the kernel module was fixed in 4.9.30 (

So my question is : Is it planned to update to newer 4.9 kernel version (at least .30 for me) soon ? In the negative case, should it be possible to integrate the patch on v4.9.29 ? Until this path is there any possible workaround for me (except reinstalling an older OSMC version) ?

Thank you and best regards,

I will update to a newer kernel at the end of August

Hi Sam,

I didn’t have seen the kernel update on the two latest monthly updates. Did I missed something?
As I didn’t rolled back hoping to a quick resolution, a realistic ETA would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

We are still on 4.9 for now.
I will probably move to 4.14 soon as it’s expected to be the next LTS