Problem with Nvidia Driver (API mismatch)

It had been a few days since the “sad face” updates, and those seemed to happen to people, like me, who were using the CLI to update. So, I reinstalled, didn’t install any of the extra stuff I normally do, and other than add directories with content, I left everything default.

When it prompted me with a “updates available …” I thought it’d be safe to say yes. Looks like I was wrong. In the end, no biggie as I hadn’t done and customization, so hardly any time lost.

RPI2 with a USB sound card - for SP/DIF sound out - and and old HP MEC remote & USB dongle is working OK, but with all the cables it looks “ugly”.

Regardless, I really do appreciate all the work you, and everyone else, is putting into this.


How you update OSMC (CLI vs My OSMC) shouldn’t affect things significantly, provided you update as recommended in our Wiki.

The problem is that Debian userland (which we used for NVIDIA X11) is tightly coupled to the kernel driver which we forward ported for 4.x. Unfortunately, userland slips out of sync with Debian updates. This won’t be an issue with x64 as we will closely manage both and distrbute them downstream; but it has been something to learn from here.

That does seem a bit hacky. If you like OSMC, consider a Vero 4K. It will support OSMC and your device will be supported for many years to come. Something you’ve probably come to expect with OSMC and Crystalbuntu.

I’d love to give AppleTV a good send off with a final update with some CrystalHD support. I will do my best!


With all due respect, its sad that soon we will not have more updates for the old ATV1 but i’m so glad that thanks to you we have all this beneffits from this Device, i believe that still remain some of time to have good moments with it. “Gracias por el excelente trabajo”. Regards from Venezuela

I will prepare a final, working image and leave it on the OSMC site for the forseeable future.


Make an image for the atv with just the operating system without kodi when support and updates cease :slight_smile: I will make a stack of them and put them in the server room.

I’ve now updated the kernel to match the new NVIDIA driver API that’s shipped in Debian Jessie. I’ve pushed this to the main repository so all you need to do is update again for things to work as expected.

Remember to make sure you power off your device properly or /boot will be mounted as RO and updates will fail unless you manually fsck and remount the volume.

Thanks for your patience while I resolved the issue.



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Thanks a lot @sam_nazarko, proceeding and reverting once done. One thing, the ATV1 has no power switch… there’s any problem about that?

You should shut it down properly via the Kodi menu or command line.
When the system halts, it’s safe to pull the plug.

Ok, understood. Thanks again, today i’ll update and will revert

I just did the new update but I still have the ndivia problem
─Configuring libgl1-nvidia-legacy-304xx-glx:i386───────────────┐
│ Mismatching nvidia kernel module loaded │
│ │
│ The NVIDIA driver that is being installed (version 304.135) does not │
│ match the nvidia kernel module currently loaded (version 304.134). │
│ │
│ The X server, OpenGL, and GPGPU applications may not work properly. │
│ │
│ The easiest way to fix this is to reboot the machine once the │
│ installation has finished. You can also stop the X server (usually by │
│ stopping the login manager, e.g. gdm3, kdm, or xdm), manually unload │
│ the module (“rmmod nvidia”), and restart the X server.