Problem with Nvidia Driver (API mismatch)

I updated the OSMC in my Apple TV 1. After installation I get a sad face which comes in and goes out. After digging in I found the issue related to the API mismatch.

NVIDIA: API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has version 304.134,
but this NVIDIA driver component has version 304.135. Please make
sure that the kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components
have the same version.

I have installed it in HDD. I was trying to reinstall but it is not booting from USB.

Can anyone help what should I do?



Debian released 8.8 which updates NVIDIA drivers. Don’t update to this version for now

How do I get back to the previous version? Can You help

Thanks a lot for your reply.


You can download it from our website.


So It means that I have to reinstall the OSMC on my apple tv again?

Installing should be similar to the 1st If I am not wrong using USB Flash Drive?


Yes – don’t manually upgrade for now because you will be updating the userland driver but not the kernel driver which will cause problems

Ok. Thanks again. for the suggestion.

I accidentally updated it. I will get back to u if I face any problem during reinstallation.


Hi - I have the same problem. I upgraded and am now stuck in the sad face loop. I can’t seem to re-install from USB - it goes straight through to normal HDD boot. Can you help?

You have to create a fresh USB with the 2017 version … It should work fine…
I tried with my previously created USB… It was not booting from USB… But when I tried with the fresh installation it worked fine for me…

Thanks - will give it a go.

Too late. I updated and now I’m again stuck with the sad smiley face. Please keep me informed about any fixes concerning this in the new update. When is this update scheduled?

Best and thanks

At the end of the month.

But I will be discontinuing AppleTV support soon.

I will however put the platform in a state that allows it to stay alive for a while.



Sorry to hear that. But thanks anyways for all the work you put into the project. I reckon this is also the reason why you discontinue the project. What do you recommend to use in a long-term perspective instead?

An Rpi3 or a Vero4k :wink:

Will the ATV support be dropped before or after the crystal card it going to work?

$DEITY, I hope the answer is after.


Unfortunately I’m not really choosing to discontinue the AppleTV project. It’s more that I have no other option.

  • The device is ten years old and no longer meets the requirements for smooth GUI performance or playback. Content has become more demanding, and Kodi now requires beefier hardware for a smooth GUI alone.
  • It’s become extremely difficult to maintain:
    • Official Kodi support was dropped three years ago
    • Apple dropped support eight years ago
  • There are very few users on this platform; but it takes the most of my time to maintain

It upsets me to do this because AppleTV is where it all began for me. I kept it going for as long as possible (eight years after Apple discontinued support) and many years after Team XBMC / Kodi dropped support.

For the long term, I recommend Vero 4K. It will be supported for a minimum of five years; which is a long time for any device. If you like my work on AppleTV and want to keep supporting OSMC, then it’s a good choice. It will be an asounding upgrade coming from an Apple TV.

Realistically – I don’t want to ship you something that’s slow and can’t keep up with modern playback and GUI requirements. The source will still be there, and old Downloads will remain up for some time, but Kodi v18 will be a no go for Apple TV.



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Awe. I haven’t had any major issues with my AT1. The issue with the sad face did occur but after I unplugged it then powered it back on and it basically fixed itself.

It won’t stop working when we discontinue support; it will just stop receiving updates.

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After reinstalling OSMC on my ATV some days ago, my ATV just auto-updated itself into a “sad face”.

I though that my leaving things alone, the system would “wait” with the updates till the fixed drivers were available.

Luckily, I have a spare RPI2 that I loaded OSMC on to press into service till the ATV is fixed. Hopefully - please, please, please - the fixes will also include a fix for the Crystal card not working.

OSMC never automatically updates without your consent.
It’s not possible for this to happen.