Problem With shutting down the RPI2

It just me or is there a problem With shutting down the RPI2
Every time I click shutting down . The RPI2 just stuck, standing,
Sometimes he turns off after 10-15 seconds and sometimes hangs. Until I hang up the RPI2.

How long are you waiting ?

Kodi shutdown can be delayed or prevented altogether by misbehaving addons, and this is nearly always the cause of shutdown problems. I would enable debugging and log in via SSH to look at the kodi log when it seems to have “hung” to see if you can find any clues.

Otherwise, you will need to uninstall the addons you have installed one by one to find the culprit.

Here in Israel, anyone who will establish OSMC experienced the shutdown problem.
It got stuck many times and for a long time when you try to shut the RPI
In OPENELEC there is no problem with the shutdown. There are many other problems :slight_smile: but not with the closing OSMC.

Sorry but I have no idea what you are trying to say here ?

Does shutdown hang if you do a clean install of OSMC with no 3rd party addons installed ?

If not but installing particular addons causes shutdown to hang then it is an issue with the addons.

How do I know how ADDON causes RPI stop during shutdown ?

yes, today i was in a hurry, pressed SHUTDOWN option and RPi2 just stuck on that screen.
unfortunately, no log as i was late so just took out the plug, but it’s first time i encounter such a problem.

latest release, afaik, and had no issues till today.

With debug mode enabled, check the kodi.log after shutting down. Next time you boot up it will be renamed to kodi.old.log in /home/osmc/.kodi/temp - look for anything about addons at the end of the log file.

Otherwise you need to uninstall addons one by one.

OK , i will check it . It happens to all Israeli users who can’t shutdown the Rasberry

Huh ?

all the program users here in Israel are experiencing problems with powering off. Everyone who switched from OPENELEC to OSMC are reporting system jamming while powering off, lasting from several seconds to extended periods. The jam can be resolved by taking out the Rasbery from the power socket.
Was it clear now?

Where are they reporting this? They certainly aren’t reporting it here.

In OSMC Israel, a facebook group I am admining.

You can check for yourself at:

but the group is in Hebrew…

Yes but OSMC does not provide support via Facebook, nor do we have any sanctioned Hebrew language fb page.

So my concern is, why aren’t these users with issues reporting to us here? Except for you if course.

The chances that they will log questions here, are slim. In Israel most of the interactions about OSMC take place on Facebook (14,000 users to be exact). The group I started provides support for people in their native tongue, Hebrew. It is easier to conduct it in Hebrew. It’s a non-profit community, with hebrew tech-support. The powering off issue was widely discussed in this group

The problem is that this is the first time I have heard of such an issue I am afraid.

I have some ideas to what it might be. Could you disable CEC temporarily and see if the hanging stops?

I was in Tel Aviv in December. Nice place.

I can understand the need for a local community. In future it would be good for people to tell us about these groups so we can keep an eye on any issues.

I am sure I can resolve the power issue with some logs from these users


I am sending you a link to the group, you are more then welcome to introduce yourself there and become part of it

I do not really use Facebook, but I have ‘Requested to Join’


well, i’m in Moldova, quite far from Israel and had this problem today, for the first time. yesterday omsc updated to the latest version.
will check and if it happens again - will report back.

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SAM Did you see the reactions in our group?
I gathers logs for you

Helli Sam,
Please tell us how to disable CEC and I’ll try it immediately