Problem with Xvid/DivX playback since latest update


Making a new post as per suggestion in the HEVC thread.

Since the October upgrade whenever I play an MPEG-2/4 file it just displays a green screen. The sound works fine.

Logs for one failure (encoded using XviD):

I’ve tried a test file from Test Files | Alcorn McBride and that works. Sporadic testing of other MPEG2/4 files encoded using XviD had some random results, some works fine, some show the green screen, some show a black screen.
Let me know if you want log files of those as well, I’m not able to provide them right now but can do so when I get home from work if it could help.

Isn’t xvid necessarily MPEG-4 rather than MPEG-2?

May be true, I went by with what the UI shows when I select the file in OSMC :slight_smile:

But see the same issue for files that Kodi/OSMC says are MPEG2 as well as ones where it says MPEG4

A sample file would be useful


This topic can be closed, my original post got moved to a separate thread at XVID green screens after October 2022 update - #11 by lvikstrom so I have been continuing there.