Problems after November release

I am unable to install it.
My rPI was broken by latest 11.2 osmc release and I am not able to reinstall it.

I am disappointed this is happening… my previous osmc setup was complete with addons, remote, wifi and now it’s all lost.
Even so, setting it agains seems a nightmare:

  • write SD on a mac
  • install on rPI 1 B
  • when booting after install, wifi does not reconnect and fails no matter what


To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

I have installed osmc & raspbmc more than 20 times.
Now since I cannot get the wifi running, I cannot get logs (I have no keyboard tonight and no time to het ethernet network).

I will try to install again and share the results.

Install will be:

  • new install via qt_host_installer on a mac
  • this time I will use osmc 2015-10-1, wifi, manual setup with IP set to …, WPA2

The trouble I had was:

  • rPI too slow (much slower than previous releases)
  • initial OSMC setup very slow and interrupted by random resets
  • wifi failed to connect (I am sure I remember my password !)

Without the logs we cannot work out the problem. What you are experiencing is obviously not expected behaviour, and doesn’t seem in line with other user’s experiences, so the logs are certainly needed.


ok, then tomorrow I will be able to find a keyboard and ethernet cable and get the logs

Installing 10.1 got wifi connected after 2 retries.
here are the logs:

It seems 10.1:

  • rPI much more responsive than in 11.1 (fresh install) & 11.2 (version I came from)
  • initial OSMC for 10.1 was OK
  • wifi connected ok after 2 retries (OSMC crashed)

I will continue the update to latest version (27/12)

Disable CEC. It’s not working properly and the constant attempts to establish a CEC connection and probably impacting performance.

Thank you for your quick & calm response.
I was in a big hurry and CEC might have been what has been causing all issues.
However I can’t explain why the wifi did not connect (on 11-1) and now it did (on 10-1)

I have never used CEC and paid no attention to it, therefore it did not affect me in the past.
But releases 11.1 & 11.2 seem more to be seriously damaged by it in certain stages.

Note: The update to 2015-12-1 works great.

Thanks again!

If CEC is severely impacting performance, it would slow down the WiFi connection agent, making it more probable that the connection will time out.

If your TV is CEC compatible, I would check your TV settings and consider changing your HDMI cable. If it’s not, or you don’t wish to use CEC, leave it disabled. Changes to the CEC library in recent updates may have exacerbated this problem for you

I am glad your problem is now resolved.

Yes, severe impact on performance sounds like a good cause of failed wifi connections.
Thanks again for your patience.