Problems building OSMC

I’m trying to build mediacenter-osmc using the following method on a Debian 9 system:-

sudo apt-get install build-essential git
git clone
cd osmc/packages/mediacenter-osmc
make vero3

But am running into this error:-

Package armv7-toolchain-osmc is not found on the system, checking APT
Can't find the package in APT repo. It needs to be built first or you need to wait for upstream to add it
Makefile:20: recipe for target 'vero3' failed
make: *** [vero3] Error 1

So I then go into osmc/toolchains/armv7-toolchain-osmc and run make all which seem to run fine but I still get the error that Package armv7-toolchain-osmc is missing.

Any ideas?

I think you have to install (dpkg -i) the toolchain after make…?

Lol… I must of read that page half a dozen time and missed that step every time… Thanks :slight_smile: