Problems detecting and handling deinterlacing and pulldown

I used and checked the test pattern and found problems with Vero V deinterlacing quality and pulldown detection and handling.

I played back the image with HW decoding and took it. The Vero V has jagged lines. This indicates poor deinterlacing quality. On Android TV Kodi and CoreElec using Amlogic SOC, the lines are not very jagged.

Left: Vero V, Right: CoreELEC

Pull-down detection and processing images are square boxes with no lines and filled in. This indicates that the operation is failing. Kodi and CoreElec on Android TV handle it correctly, so the lines are clearly visible.

Left: Vero V, Right: CoreELEC

Will these two points be improved in the future?

Did you own a Vero 4k and is this new to Vero V?

Graham, how many years have I been grumbling about poor cadence detection and the lack of diagonal filtering on the Vero 4K? :laughing:

@Scottosan : where did you get the clip from? I might add it to my test clip collection.

I know. Just trying to see if this is different from the 4.9 kernel issue. Have you got your V yet?

I’m still waiting for a little more feedback before I make my mind up.

It would be good to know what SoC you tested on, and if you’ve tested on a Vero 4K before.

I am sure we can improve things for you, but need a bit more information.

Testing was done with the Vero V.
This is my first purchase of a Vero.

The test pattern in the image is from the HQV Benchmark 2.0.
We also ran a similar test with Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark 2nd Edition, and the results were the same.

Which SoC did you compare it to?

We tested the following devices:

BOXY with Dune HD Media Center with Amlogic S905X4-J

CoreELEC is a Chinese Android box with Amlogic S905Y2, called X96S

Okay, that’s useful to know. We should definitely be able to improve things. Did you test those devices on the 4.9 or 5.4 kernel?

We can dump the sysfs values of the deinterlacer to compare it to CE values as there may be some low hanging fruit there to improve things.

Kodi on BOXY is running kernel 5.4 and CE is running kernel 4.9. There was no significant difference between the two in our tests.

I’m not familiar with Linux, so I’m not sure. Tell me how to do it, and I’ll try if I can.

@tanio99 will know specifics but we had to remove deinterlace from VFM under certain circumstances for performance reasons. Conversely, we can likely reintroduce deinterlacing for certain formats and certain conditions.

Can you provide us with a link to the test pattern you used and we will investigate this further


Here is the link for the test pattern. There are patterns other than the test pattern used in the image. Make use of it. The patterns used in the images are 00005.m2ts and 00006.m2ts.



This is being discussed in our development chat.