Problems fast-forwarding and seeking in some streams

Upload it to a file locker or somewhere else.

Uploaded. URL in message before your reply. Took a while to upload through vpn.

Nudge @popcornmix Had you had any time to look at the file?

Nudge @popcornmix

I’m sure he’ll get to it when he has time…

OK. I will be patient :slight_smile:

It seems like this issue was fixed in this release. I tested a recording from Finnish TV and it fast forwarded OK. I could jump by typing in 1000 for example and the indicators for programme length, calculated ending time etc showed sane values. Will test more but this has been a real nuisance for us. In the past, we had to rewatch half a film if we accidentally paused or stopped in the middle.

Broken again… Just noticed. Cannot say exactly when it happened, but now recording from the Finnish public channels are unplayable. They will just freeze. I can play the files just fine using VLC on my PC, ie select the recording in the TVHeadend web interface and select “Play”. Do you need a new sample file?

Are you using TVHeadend still? Did this occur after we updated to TVH 4.2?

TVHeadend on separate hardware. Nothing has changed on that end. It was fixed in february, then something broke it along the way. Ie files are playable with VLC, but not with OSMC.

Has there need any progress on this? It is mildly annoying as I cannot resume if I exit something. I have to fast forward at max 2x speed. I did submit a recorded file earlier for you to look at.

Just to recap: TVH 4.0.7 on separate hardware
OSMC on PI or Vero4k

Have you tried updating TVHeadend?
If it’s affecting both Pi and Vero 4K, it is the first thing I’d try.

Trust me… Updating tvheadend is the absolutely last thing I am willing to try… It took me quite a while to get it stable and working with all my tuners, not to mention OSCAM. I will update one of these days, but I will have to have a lot of extra time to do so.

What I am asking is that someone would please try the sample file and tell me what the problem is? I can play the file just fine on a PC, so I am not quite sure that the problem is with TVH.

OK. Updated tvheadend to 4.2.4 and all is fine, but for the small issue of it not seeing my adapters… I am back on 4.0.7 now and have asked in the tvheadend forums

Edit: Solved that (solved by itself)

Now, everything works, but playing recordings on OSMC. It just aborts with ““failed to serialize data””

Opening a separate thread on that

@sam_nazarko It is definitely Tvh related. If I run tvh 4.3 that part works, sadly does other parts not work, like adding recordings, but that is a tvh issue.

I also tried various incantations of 4.2.x with bad results.

Interestingly enough, this fast forwarding used to work in OSMC, even with 4.0.x

I have opened tickets against 4.3 and 4.2.5 with the tvh people. Stay tuned.

Edit: I thought it worked. See below.

OK. Here is the scoop: One of the tvh developers had seen it as well, but only with .ts files, not .mkv. The default in tvh seems to be .ts, which is a raw transport stream. This actually points the finger to the OSMC player as there should not be any real difference watching live or recorder. From what I understand, tvh just spools down the transport stream to a file…

I changed the stream profile from “pass” to “matroska” and did a test recording on the offending channel. That one played just fine. I could FF as I liked so I will start usig .mkv files from now on.