Problems playing movies on Kodi4k+ since last 2 weeks


I have many Vero’s (and RPi’s before that) all over the place in apartments, at family etc and all have been working great over vpn tunnels mounting nfs shares for the past 5-6 years. Since last 2 weeks one of these just stopped playing movies. Even browsing the catalouges are slow. Internet connectivity is the same and fast, VPN connectivity as well. When playing the movies over the same tunnel but not on the Vero it works great still.

It first started to be very slow in browsing. I then did a update to the latest osmc version and that made it stop playing everything.

Tried a fresh install on the Vero today and no difference.

Uploaded the logs here:

Any ideas? I was also wondering, is there a guide on how I could access these logs my self for my own analysing? I can ssh in to the vero but don’t know where the logs are.


The log is unfortunately empty. If you’re using the MyOSMC to provide, you need to select all the options, Alternatively, running grab-logs -A (with a big A) from the command line will provide full logs.

You can always access your own logs in a browser via the URL. If you don’t post the URL on the forum, then the logs will remain private, but help from the forum will probably be limited.

Thanks for your replies! Sorry about the logs.
This should be better now, ran the command through ssh instead:

I hope this can help ?

That AVI gives an odd error.
Do you have a different container and codec you could try instead?

Some observations:

  1. You’re using WiFi. It’s 5 GHz but the wireless can give unpredictable performance and can be position/distance sensitive.
  2. I can see no VPN, so I assume that it’s running elsewhere, eg on a router.
  3. You’re running Kodi-based NFS over a VPN, so it might not perform very well. You might benefit from a kerne-based approach (fstab or autofs).

Are you comparing like with like? What device are you using?