Problems scanning TV shows

I have found that recently certain shows do not want to scan into Kodi.

As an example, seasons 3 & 4 of The Man in the High Castle are there in my NAS, but Kodi doesn’t see it. If I go to Settings → Library → Videos and find my way to the appropriate folder, the files are there and I can play them, but they just don’t appear in my library.

I’ve tried changing between various scrapers which didn’t seem to make a difference.

Anyone have any ideas on how to overcome this?

Log is at

Highlight the top level of the show (ie “the man in the high castle” in either videos>files or the library), bring up the full screen information window (“i” on the OSMC remote or a keyboard), select refresh, all episodes, then select the option for ignoring local data and refresh from the internet.

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Have you tried using .NFO files?

Thanks @darwindesign, that did the trick!

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@angry.sardine I use a program called TV Rename to keep my tv library organized, and it actually generates nfo files. I don’t know why Kodi refused to properly scan this folder though.

FYI, if anyone is looking for a good way to keep TV shows organized, I strongly recommend TV Rename. It’s a little complicated at first, but it’s very powerful once you get the hang of it, keeping track of all your shows, including upcoming ones.

There is a line in a tvshow.nfo file for “<episodeguide>” and this is likely where things went a bit wrong. This is stored in the database and when scanning for new content the scraper only seeks to determine season and episode numbers from the file and then submits that along with the stored id to get the metadata. Therefore if your using nfo files and this line is missing no new content can be scraped online for that show. The same issue can happen with some changes from the online source (like the id or address changing) or if you change scrapers in Kodi and there is a mismatch (ie the online source in the db is pointing to TVDB but you change to TMDB scraper). Kodi does not automatically update a shows scraping source when you update an nfo file so the workaround is to either to do what I posted above (ie bypassing existing library and nfo data) or else correct the nfo file (if that is defective) and update the show (all episodes not needed) and not bypass local.

I would also add a bit more that is not pertinent to the OP if you use TMM it only adds TVDB as the source regardless of scraping source. If you use TMDB scraper in Kodi you actually have to go into the details of each TV show and remove the TVDB id to get TMM to change over to recording the TMDB address in <episodeguide>.

Thanks for this, this fixed an issue I had with an old show where it stopped displaying eps from halfway through one of the seasons. A refresh seems to have fixed it.

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